Verified Email: Critical For Successful Email Marketing

Email Address Verification is a process of verifying email addresses to select useless emails. It is crucial in ensuring actual people who want to hear from you and receive your content.

Many people fill out a form which demands their email address, but if the user enters an invalid email address due to a typing error or such, the company will receive an invalid email address without their knowledge. As mentioned at jupiterresearch: More than 20% of email registrations can be invalid due to typos or other errors.

This is where Email Verification plays a part. It protects your business from aforementioned invalid or dead accounts, as well as from hard and soft bounce – things that affect your server’s reliability.

Email Validation is critical for successful email marketing in these ways:

Reduce Bounce Rate

The most important thing that email marketers worry is to make sure their emails do not bounce. This high bounce rate (as mentioned above) can land you in the blacklist and your emails will get blocked making your email marketing strategies pointless.

Improved Communication

Email Verification allows you to communicate with real accounts rather than spam and dead accounts. With an up-to date email address list you can communicate effectively; you can brand out your products, create awareness of your services, and perform other similar functions.

With a small list interested in your brand and business you can concentrate on marketing your services to those interested instead of sending thousands of emails that might bounce.

Decreased Cost Of Sending Emails

With a smaller list not only will you save your time and efforts but also your money and investment. A large list has a higher chance of dead and spam accounts making your money go to waste.

According to siriusdecisions, it was found that 10-25% of data contained an error. With Email Verification services you can reduce this error and improve ROI on your email campaign.

Email Verification is the perfect way to have a successful marketing campaign: It protects your reputation, keeps you from being banned, helps reduce the bounce rate, and makes your business stay relevant instead of making your messages fall on deaf ears.

Marketing subscriptions can fall through cracks and you may not be notified when an email address abruptly changes; protect yourself in such circumstances. You should make use of effective email verification services.

For any Email Marketing strategy, the Email Validation is tremendously important. Email marketing requires capital, and no marketer will want to waste money on accounts that act as spam traps. A good email verification service can help clear any unknown or poor quality email addresses that may devastate your project.