The Future of Facebook Advertising

Social media advertising – especially Facebook’s – witnesses a plethora of changes constantly. Many are due to continuous updates, new technologies, changes in algorithms, changes in consumer behavior, etc, etc.

Whatever the reasons, Facebook marketing will stay true to its history and change yet again. After all, change is how we evolve for the better.

Here are the dominant future trends we will be seeing on Facebook soon – that is if we haven’t started seeing them already.

Algorithm change

Throughout its history, Facebook has been notorious for making continuous changes to its algorithms. The most recent change in algorithm was with a goal to increase relevant social interactions and reduce posts from businesses and brands. The one before this was last year and it aimed to reduce the number of spam posts.

We can expect another algorithm change and can only try to understand it as much as possible to reap its full benefits.

You can find an extensive timeline of Facebook’s algorithm change history here at WALLAROO.

Lots of videos

Consumers love video, marketers love video, everyone loves video!

These statistics from HubSpot about the state of video marketing are a testament to our statement.

As a result, if there is anything that can be said for sure it is that we can expect future paid social ads to be even more inclusive of videos. A good Facebook agency will have already noticed this onslaught of videos and must have been already including videos in its advertisement campaigns.

Better shopping options

Facebook has always been continuously looking for ways to make ads as relevant as possible for its users. Already, the platform’s Ads Manager lets businesses target extremely specific group of people. These efforts are in line with the above-mentioned algorithm changes to reduce spammy and business related posts.

We think in the future there will be more advancement to this already laser-sharp audience targeting in an effort to clear up irrelevant posts for the individual user.

User data protection

A strong approach towards drawing the line between its user’s data and marketing has always been employed by Facebook. The social media site has huge amounts of data on our likes, dislikes, location, personal contact information, etc. This puts the social media platform on a unique pedestal.

Especially after the recent scandal on Facebook’s data breach, we can expect to see some strict user data protection measures to be put into place. And as for what this will mean for businesses, it is yet to be seen.

Email lists

Honestly, there is no saying if Facebook ads will be this much of a hit, say, five years from now on. But what has been constant throughout the years is email marketing. We recommend you to keep gathering and nurturing that list so that no matter whatever new features Facebook holds for its advertisers, you still have a solid email list to rely on.