Some Chocolates Sparkles With Glints!

Have you ever seen chocolates sparkle with a glint? Some people never had the chance to see what chocolate diamonds look like apparently, and the common reason is because they are recognized as standard common diamonds. So you may have seen them, but may not beware of the fact that it’s actually a brown diamond.

Chocolate diamonds are just a fancy terminology in which has been coined by Le Vian. Chocolate diamonds are nothing but brown diamonds which happens to be very much common and aren’t that rare! Most chocolate diamonds (brown diamonds) comes from the mining regions of Australia, Angola, Borneo, Brazil and Congo.

When a diamond is discovered or mined, the determination of pricing the precious rock depends on a few factors. They are determined through the amount of possible cuts, the color of the diamond, clarity of the crystalline formation within the diamond and of course the weight of the carat itself. Most people are already aware of that fact that diamonds are a natural element in which are formed beneath the earth’s surface. If the process was a natural process, then the formation of the diamond may have formed billions of years ago, that slowing rose to surface from tectonic plate shifts and high pressures of heat, causing the diamonds to rise like hot air.

Understanding The Coloration Of An Diamond Is Important!

Hustlers know the difference between a fake diamond and a real one. Knowing and understanding the coloration of a diamond is highly important because many people actually believe that diamonds are supposed to glean with a rainbow like color, however that isn’t the case. Instead, real diamonds reflect a gray and white color which is also known as “brilliance” from the diamond, gray and white is the color that you should be looking for whilst observing the rock under a light source. The light in which surpasses through the diamond, casts a rainbow like coloration on other objects, which is the reason why people have confused the differences in these two.

Modern Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

So where can you get a chocolate diamond from? Well, actually just about anywhere since the natural common color of a diamond is nude and all the way up to brown which has been given the C-7 grade. Below is a picture that shows the scalability of the verified coloration that have been identified so far;

C1                  C2                   C3                    C4                    C5                  C6                   C7

Diamonds that range from C1-C4 are considered Nude Diamonds. Some C4 are darker, and any diamond recognized as C4-C7 are considered a Chocolate Diamond, which is still brown diamond but is darker in coloration.

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