How to Start a Mobile App Development Business with Little Investment

Many of us,  who are Android app developers, or have some experience working with an IT industry, planned to open their own company at some point. The basic idea behind this entrepreneurial thinking is to be your own boss and start earning twice as much as in the regular job. Some folks do get lucky with their startup ideas but not everyone has that kind of luck and passion. Usually, after few failed attempts people get frustrated and give up. If you are one of those who want to enter the entrepreneurial world, make your understanding and vision clear about how business plans work in mobile app development industry.


First, you need to gain the access to Android or iOS app store by signing up as a developer. Apple and Google are the two biggest troupes in the market. Complete the app and submit it to these two app stores and then they will review it before making it official. As soon as they accept your app and make it official, it will be listed in their store. You will get 70% of the selling price and the remaining amount goes to app stores. Signing up for developer program needs a yearly fee and registration for Developer Console which has a one-time fee policy.


Owning a business comes with advantages as well as responsibilities like dealing with testing, designing, development, interaction with clients, marketing strategies, legal matters and much more. If you have a nice budget, you can afford to hire Android App Designer who will handle the design, testing, and development of the app. So that you can properly handle other legal and marketing task. Having the right knowledge of app coding, programming languages, and testing, can make you write the app on your own and survive on a small budget. Keep your budget initials, targets and responsibilities in mind before starting a new business. Starting a business on partnership basis is another decent insight to handle and take full advantage of capital resources and manpower.

After testing and making it in a ready-to-launch form, you can submit your app to the store. It usually takes 13 to 15 days to review an app. Once it’s done, you will receive a welcome mail regarding the acceptance of your app.

To make your number of downloads and active installs increase, you need to promote your app. using different marketing channels, start making your app voice. Marketing can make your app and Android App Development Company strong.