How To Make An IOS Fitness APP

As the mobile industry flourished, mobiles have become our go-to personal assistant. Nowadays, smartphones even give us personal advices on medical treatment or teach us a new language. These apps have become more like our personal coaches in everyday life. Fitness apps are no exception. These apps are not the latest FAD but have become a necessity to achieve fitness goals and become a healthy person. The fitness app industry is very thriving and developing such an app for iOS can prove to be very fruitful.

Unsure about the basics of developing an iOS fitness app? We have narrowed down 12 important steps for you to follow when developing an iOS app.

Step 1

  • Begin by narrowing down the target audience. As there are numerous such apps available in the app store, your market must differ from others to stand out.

Step 2

  • Take verdict from the tech experts. An expert advice is to hire a remote team of professionals. This way you can focus on the business idea and marketing strategy while the app is being developed by professionals.

Step 3

  • Pay special attention to the user interface and user experience. The coding must be based on a perfect design.

Step 4

  • The app must be compatible on all forums. Previously it was considered that iPad responsiveness was more important. Nowadays, all applications must be adapted to fit any screen. And since fitness apps are often used in synchronization with the Apple watch, so it must be kept in view when designing the app.

Step 5

  • Take help from the iOS libraries and frameworks as it presents ways to reduce the cost of your app and helps in leveraging the best technology to reap maximum fruits.

Step 6

  • People rely a lot on diet and nutrition whenever they use any such app. They may affect people’s everyday habits such as calories intake, water intake, body weight, etc. As there exist plenty of options, you can deploy ready-made APIs available on the web.

Step 7

  • Provide motivational and detailed instructions if your app is the exercise one. Ensure that you research a lot before gathering the information for each exercise.

Step 8

  • Although not a necessary requirement, but your app must have some entertainment factor to entice the user.

Step 9

  • Ensure that peer reviews, reviews of each other’s codes conducted by developers, are conducted. These reviews are extremely important as it helps correcting any roughness in the code.

Step 10

  • Protect personal information. People trust you with their private information and it is your responsibility to prevent the data from every malware.

Step 11

  • The work doesn’t end when the user downloads the app. Keep checking the interaction between the product and the customer. This can be done via different instruments such as AppSee, Countly, etc.

Step 12

  • Now is the time to think about making money with your app. For health apps, most commonly used practice is to offer some extra functionality for money.