Jewelry Trends In 2019

2018 is coming to an end, with just a few months left and a Christmas to get through. Expect a spontaneous celebration during the launch of 2019. A major fashion trend that we all are expecting is a flashback fashion trend from 2016. A blast from the past and a pinch of some improvised innovation towards jewelry design and fashion trends. In this post we will be highlighting some of the most best and the most demanded jewelry trends for 2019, to keep you ahead of your diamond jewelry shopping list! In 2019, the main trends that we all can keep a lookout for is the color stones, diamonds, precious gems, rhinestones, multi-layering, larger-scale in size and asymmetry.

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are becoming popular and are turning into a slight of a demand in the jewelry industry. The Stackable rings are thin in construction, light-weighed but highly modern and fashionable. It is intended for all purposes, and can be worn by anyone without an age being a factor. (*Please note that children under the age of 3 years old are not recommended to wear jewelry)

Bracelet Dance A.K.A Keshinomi

Embrace that special someone with a Keshinomi bracelet. It is forged with Roise Quartz and silver. Ideal for almost any type of occasion. The light-weight construction offers easy maneuverability and comfort during physical activities.

Although most of the trends are in direct association in 2016 fashion trend innovation, new element introduction like wood and leather is also to be improvised as the layers of the special features in jewelry sets. The leather and wood element integration is favorable and particularly relevant to bracelets, stylized as ancient national jewelry, mirroring both the tribal and traditional styles from the Indian, Turkish, and Greek regions. This specific trend is interlinked with the winter fashion jewelry bracelets. Most in which are made from the makers of the Egyptian regions and the Indian tribes.

Restrung Jewelry

One of the most favorites of all times is the Rhinestone Choker Necklace that comes in either a 14k Gold or Silver Plated (tarnish and fading resistant) and is easily affordable, making this type of jewelry a perfect Christmas or New Year’s gift.

Jes Disng Studio

Another demanding and popular jewel-wear is the jewels presented by Jes Disng Studio.  Owner and designer; Julie Stull says that “women should feel confident in beautiful jewelry every day, not just on special occasions”, with this mission on mind, Jes Disgn Studio released a handful of some of the never-before-seen type of styles that will have you up-to-date with fashion.

Silver Youth

The new youth generation is said to roam around in silver in the 2019. Specifically the thin silver beads or pure silver chain-links in which are ideal for silver bracelets and silver necklaces. The ideal for the silver in the design is to bring a mature, stable form of “you”, which also represents the world in which our society is thriving towards. The color silver not only adds a wondrous jewelry piece, but the silver alone has an in depth meaning that; it is the element of metallic in which is refined. Distinguished in richness, fun and is playful. It is associated to the meaning of sleek, high-tech and modern, which is something that our society and neighborhoods are slowly turning into.

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