To make your company’s marketing strategy work, a number of exercises and tools work in conjunction & play a collective part to ensure success. Whatever the niche, every company will have its distinct marketing strategy. While new tactics are practiced every day, what stays constant is the focus on SEO marketing. With SEO, you tend to increase your website’s ranking and improve the overall working of your business. One strategy that possesses the power of taking your marketing game to the next level is the usage of SEO coupled with email marketing. This is done in order to further drive results, enhancing both the lead generation as well as sales.

Organic SEO marketing marks as an excellent way to ensure your business’s long-term success. It helps people find your website through the search engine without putting money behind the visibility. But to ensure the effectiveness of the SEO marketing strategy, you must ensure that your SEO marketing and email marketing campaigns work in harmony and are well-aligned.

Ways to combine email marketing and SEO

There exist several ways how you can combine SEO and email marketing to do wonders with your digital marketing campaign. 3 common ways include:

  • Restructure newsletter content

Marketers generally use newsletters to promote their latest blog or offer a discount, promote their product/service or an occasion. While companies usually promise to send exclusively tailored content to the subscriber, it is hardly ever the case. Marketers generally use it to only send an email when the company publishes a new post. Use this newsletter content to send personalized content to the customer to make them feel special. This is where SEO comes in handy. Since Google loves relevant content, when you restructure your newsletter for people who aren’t on your email list, the content may rank higher on the search engine if it is SEO-optimized.

  • Create enthralling content

The customers of love look for variety and there’s no better way of offering that than by creating catchy, epic and mind-boggling content. When you create SEO friendly content, it will keep visitors reading your email longer and might even pay a visit to your website if the offer you have posed is attractive enough.

  • Tailored content to the email list

Majority of the people prefer personalized content rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. There exist multiple ways to include personalization to your content, emails and even newsletters. When you send tailored content to your email list, they are more likely to share it and take some action afterward. This tends to increase the visibility of your content.


The benefits of both, email marketing and organic SEO marketing in business, cannot be denied. These are exceptional tools that endless businesses deploy to enhance their marketing campaigns. When a combination of both is used, the results speak for itself. Doing this will get you twice the amount of coverage and visibility and increase your chances of higher ranking on the search engines without spending any extra money.

How To Make An IOS Fitness APP

As the mobile industry flourished, mobiles have become our go-to personal assistant. Nowadays, smartphones even give us personal advices on medical treatment or teach us a new language. These apps have become more like our personal coaches in everyday life. Fitness apps are no exception. These apps are not the latest FAD but have become a necessity to achieve fitness goals and become a healthy person. The fitness app industry is very thriving and developing such an app for iOS can prove to be very fruitful.

Unsure about the basics of developing an iOS fitness app? We have narrowed down 12 important steps for you to follow when developing an iOS app.

Step 1

  • Begin by narrowing down the target audience. As there are numerous such apps available in the app store, your market must differ from others to stand out.

Step 2

  • Take verdict from the tech experts. An expert advice is to hire a remote team of professionals. This way you can focus on the business idea and marketing strategy while the app is being developed by professionals.

Step 3

  • Pay special attention to the user interface and user experience. The coding must be based on a perfect design.

Step 4

  • The app must be compatible on all forums. Previously it was considered that iPad responsiveness was more important. Nowadays, all applications must be adapted to fit any screen. And since fitness apps are often used in synchronization with the Apple watch, so it must be kept in view when designing the app.

Step 5

  • Take help from the iOS libraries and frameworks as it presents ways to reduce the cost of your app and helps in leveraging the best technology to reap maximum fruits.

Step 6

  • People rely a lot on diet and nutrition whenever they use any such app. They may affect people’s everyday habits such as calories intake, water intake, body weight, etc. As there exist plenty of options, you can deploy ready-made APIs available on the web.

Step 7

  • Provide motivational and detailed instructions if your app is the exercise one. Ensure that you research a lot before gathering the information for each exercise.

Step 8

  • Although not a necessary requirement, but your app must have some entertainment factor to entice the user.

Step 9

  • Ensure that peer reviews, reviews of each other’s codes conducted by developers, are conducted. These reviews are extremely important as it helps correcting any roughness in the code.

Step 10

  • Protect personal information. People trust you with their private information and it is your responsibility to prevent the data from every malware.

Step 11

  • The work doesn’t end when the user downloads the app. Keep checking the interaction between the product and the customer. This can be done via different instruments such as AppSee, Countly, etc.

Step 12

  • Now is the time to think about making money with your app. For health apps, most commonly used practice is to offer some extra functionality for money.

Jewelry Trends In 2019

2018 is coming to an end, with just a few months left and a Christmas to get through. Expect a spontaneous celebration during the launch of 2019. A major fashion trend that we all are expecting is a flashback fashion trend from 2016. A blast from the past and a pinch of some improvised innovation towards jewelry design and fashion trends. In this post we will be highlighting some of the most best and the most demanded jewelry trends for 2019, to keep you ahead of your diamond jewelry shopping list! In 2019, the main trends that we all can keep a lookout for is the color stones, diamonds, precious gems, rhinestones, multi-layering, larger-scale in size and asymmetry.

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are becoming popular and are turning into a slight of a demand in the jewelry industry. The Stackable rings are thin in construction, light-weighed but highly modern and fashionable. It is intended for all purposes, and can be worn by anyone without an age being a factor. (*Please note that children under the age of 3 years old are not recommended to wear jewelry)

Bracelet Dance A.K.A Keshinomi

Embrace that special someone with a Keshinomi bracelet. It is forged with Roise Quartz and silver. Ideal for almost any type of occasion. The light-weight construction offers easy maneuverability and comfort during physical activities.

Although most of the trends are in direct association in 2016 fashion trend innovation, new element introduction like wood and leather is also to be improvised as the layers of the special features in jewelry sets. The leather and wood element integration is favorable and particularly relevant to bracelets, stylized as ancient national jewelry, mirroring both the tribal and traditional styles from the Indian, Turkish, and Greek regions. This specific trend is interlinked with the winter fashion jewelry bracelets. Most in which are made from the makers of the Egyptian regions and the Indian tribes.

Restrung Jewelry

One of the most favorites of all times is the Rhinestone Choker Necklace that comes in either a 14k Gold or Silver Plated (tarnish and fading resistant) and is easily affordable, making this type of jewelry a perfect Christmas or New Year’s gift.

Jes Disng Studio

Another demanding and popular jewel-wear is the jewels presented by Jes Disng Studio.  Owner and designer; Julie Stull says that “women should feel confident in beautiful jewelry every day, not just on special occasions”, with this mission on mind, Jes Disgn Studio released a handful of some of the never-before-seen type of styles that will have you up-to-date with fashion.

Silver Youth

The new youth generation is said to roam around in silver in the 2019. Specifically the thin silver beads or pure silver chain-links in which are ideal for silver bracelets and silver necklaces. The ideal for the silver in the design is to bring a mature, stable form of “you”, which also represents the world in which our society is thriving towards. The color silver not only adds a wondrous jewelry piece, but the silver alone has an in depth meaning that; it is the element of metallic in which is refined. Distinguished in richness, fun and is playful. It is associated to the meaning of sleek, high-tech and modern, which is something that our society and neighborhoods are slowly turning into.

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Some Chocolates Sparkles With Glints!

Have you ever seen chocolates sparkle with a glint? Some people never had the chance to see what chocolate diamonds look like apparently, and the common reason is because they are recognized as standard common diamonds. So you may have seen them, but may not beware of the fact that it’s actually a brown diamond.

Chocolate diamonds are just a fancy terminology in which has been coined by Le Vian. Chocolate diamonds are nothing but brown diamonds which happens to be very much common and aren’t that rare! Most chocolate diamonds (brown diamonds) comes from the mining regions of Australia, Angola, Borneo, Brazil and Congo.

When a diamond is discovered or mined, the determination of pricing the precious rock depends on a few factors. They are determined through the amount of possible cuts, the color of the diamond, clarity of the crystalline formation within the diamond and of course the weight of the carat itself. Most people are already aware of that fact that diamonds are a natural element in which are formed beneath the earth’s surface. If the process was a natural process, then the formation of the diamond may have formed billions of years ago, that slowing rose to surface from tectonic plate shifts and high pressures of heat, causing the diamonds to rise like hot air.

Understanding The Coloration Of An Diamond Is Important!

Hustlers know the difference between a fake diamond and a real one. Knowing and understanding the coloration of a diamond is highly important because many people actually believe that diamonds are supposed to glean with a rainbow like color, however that isn’t the case. Instead, real diamonds reflect a gray and white color which is also known as “brilliance” from the diamond, gray and white is the color that you should be looking for whilst observing the rock under a light source. The light in which surpasses through the diamond, casts a rainbow like coloration on other objects, which is the reason why people have confused the differences in these two.

Modern Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

So where can you get a chocolate diamond from? Well, actually just about anywhere since the natural common color of a diamond is nude and all the way up to brown which has been given the C-7 grade. Below is a picture that shows the scalability of the verified coloration that have been identified so far;

C1                  C2                   C3                    C4                    C5                  C6                   C7

Diamonds that range from C1-C4 are considered Nude Diamonds. Some C4 are darker, and any diamond recognized as C4-C7 are considered a Chocolate Diamond, which is still brown diamond but is darker in coloration.

However, if you’re looking for a specific design with your precious rock, then you may want to review some of the natural rocks presented by La Vian. They offer wide selection of different types of style and shape chocolate diamonds with hundreds of ring styles, majority of the rings are 14k and 16k gold rings.

You can inquire about the chocolate diamond rings or discover the wide selection of the chocolate diamond necklaces. Below are a few picture examples that are offered at La Vian.

(All Images accredited & are subject to Patent & Trade Marked by: La Vian)

The Future Of Food Delivery Apps

The food delivery service revenue was $64,851 million back in 2016 and has continued to climb ever since. The revenue is expected to see this rise in 2022, reaching $234,206 million. From the looks of it, the future is going to see a healthy food delivery apps industry – but is it really going to be it?

From what these 7 industry trends have to say, perhaps the future of your favorite pizza parlor lies in a pizza delivery app. Similarly, your favorite Chinese restaurant may also get its own Chinese food delivery app very soon; that is if it hasn’t already.

But is that it? As it turns out, most probably no; food delivery service apps may only be the beginning of the future of food delivery.

When it comes to painting a picture of the future, we have a tendency to paint it with vivid colors of our imagination. Sometimes many ideas that seem far-fetched at that time, do transform into reality. For instance, one blogger at Medium has fantastical ideas.

Recently, she ordered food from an Indian restaurant through a restaurant delivery app.  Her order got canceled because of a flat tire. The solution she proposed to such unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances was a 3D food printer and drone. An automated system would place her order in the printer and a drone would deliver it to her doorstep.

Farfetched or not, one has to admit that after seeing the exponential involvement of AI in our daily lives, this could one day be the norm.

Another future trend we can expect to see is better inclusivity of services. You food delivery app will not just deliver food – it will be an all in one delivery service. For instance, your flower delivery app will also be a beer delivery app or a cigarette delivery app. Such all in one on-demand delivery apps make sense too. Why bother switching apps when you can order burger and toilet paper at the same time on the same app?

In fact, we believe food delivery app like uber may see a decline especially if package delivery apps can do their share of work too.

Third party platforms will give your favorite restaurant a run for its money very soon. As more and more people discover the ease and comfort of a delivery app, dining in may fade away into nonexistence. While it may not completely disappear, some restaurants may find it uneconomical to cater people at a physical location as compared to accepting orders over the app.

As is true with all future trend predictions, some of these may come to pass and many may not. What do you think?

The Future of Facebook Advertising

Social media advertising – especially Facebook’s – witnesses a plethora of changes constantly. Many are due to continuous updates, new technologies, changes in algorithms, changes in consumer behavior, etc, etc.

Whatever the reasons, Facebook marketing will stay true to its history and change yet again. After all, change is how we evolve for the better.

Here are the dominant future trends we will be seeing on Facebook soon – that is if we haven’t started seeing them already.

Algorithm change

Throughout its history, Facebook has been notorious for making continuous changes to its algorithms. The most recent change in algorithm was with a goal to increase relevant social interactions and reduce posts from businesses and brands. The one before this was last year and it aimed to reduce the number of spam posts.

We can expect another algorithm change and can only try to understand it as much as possible to reap its full benefits.

You can find an extensive timeline of Facebook’s algorithm change history here at WALLAROO.

Lots of videos

Consumers love video, marketers love video, everyone loves video!

These statistics from HubSpot about the state of video marketing are a testament to our statement.

As a result, if there is anything that can be said for sure it is that we can expect future paid social ads to be even more inclusive of videos. A good Facebook agency will have already noticed this onslaught of videos and must have been already including videos in its advertisement campaigns.

Better shopping options

Facebook has always been continuously looking for ways to make ads as relevant as possible for its users. Already, the platform’s Ads Manager lets businesses target extremely specific group of people. These efforts are in line with the above-mentioned algorithm changes to reduce spammy and business related posts.

We think in the future there will be more advancement to this already laser-sharp audience targeting in an effort to clear up irrelevant posts for the individual user.

User data protection

A strong approach towards drawing the line between its user’s data and marketing has always been employed by Facebook. The social media site has huge amounts of data on our likes, dislikes, location, personal contact information, etc. This puts the social media platform on a unique pedestal.

Especially after the recent scandal on Facebook’s data breach, we can expect to see some strict user data protection measures to be put into place. And as for what this will mean for businesses, it is yet to be seen.

Email lists

Honestly, there is no saying if Facebook ads will be this much of a hit, say, five years from now on. But what has been constant throughout the years is email marketing. We recommend you to keep gathering and nurturing that list so that no matter whatever new features Facebook holds for its advertisers, you still have a solid email list to rely on.

How to Start a Mobile App Development Business with Little Investment

Many of us,  who are Android app developers, or have some experience working with an IT industry, planned to open their own company at some point. The basic idea behind this entrepreneurial thinking is to be your own boss and start earning twice as much as in the regular job. Some folks do get lucky with their startup ideas but not everyone has that kind of luck and passion. Usually, after few failed attempts people get frustrated and give up. If you are one of those who want to enter the entrepreneurial world, make your understanding and vision clear about how business plans work in mobile app development industry.


First, you need to gain the access to Android or iOS app store by signing up as a developer. Apple and Google are the two biggest troupes in the market. Complete the app and submit it to these two app stores and then they will review it before making it official. As soon as they accept your app and make it official, it will be listed in their store. You will get 70% of the selling price and the remaining amount goes to app stores. Signing up for developer program needs a yearly fee and registration for Developer Console which has a one-time fee policy.


Owning a business comes with advantages as well as responsibilities like dealing with testing, designing, development, interaction with clients, marketing strategies, legal matters and much more. If you have a nice budget, you can afford to hire Android App Designer who will handle the design, testing, and development of the app. So that you can properly handle other legal and marketing task. Having the right knowledge of app coding, programming languages, and testing, can make you write the app on your own and survive on a small budget. Keep your budget initials, targets and responsibilities in mind before starting a new business. Starting a business on partnership basis is another decent insight to handle and take full advantage of capital resources and manpower.

After testing and making it in a ready-to-launch form, you can submit your app to the store. It usually takes 13 to 15 days to review an app. Once it’s done, you will receive a welcome mail regarding the acceptance of your app.

To make your number of downloads and active installs increase, you need to promote your app. using different marketing channels, start making your app voice. Marketing can make your app and Android App Development Company strong.

Don’t Hire A Digital Marketing Agency If They Have The Following 5 Signs

Are you looking for a digital agency that can help you with the marketing of your newly launched product? Hiring an efficient digital marketing agency can be a strenuous task. Marketing is something which can either make or break your brand. A wrong choice may completely ruin the reputation of your product in the market, so be watchful who do you give the responsibility to Promote Your Business. If you notice the following five signs in any digital marketing agency then think twice because it’s all about the reputation of your brand.

If they Lack credibility and transparency

Find out how transparent and credible they are in offering their digital marketing services. Information and data is the key to find out which digital marketing techniques work best and which ones are just useless. Make sure they agree to share all data with you right from the beginning in the most professional manner. If they don’t do so, then look for some other digital marketing agency in NYC or wherever you are.

If they claim to have secret formula for high rankings

Ranking higher on search engine is not everything you need, but making sure that you rank high through fair efforts is what you need for your website. If any digital marketing agency claims and promises you 100% top ranking in the shortest time periods without furnishing details about SEO marketing and SEO strategies they use, then reconsider hiring them. Such digital marketing companies use Black Hat techniques and such techniques can badly hurt your business reputation.

Poor client holding

A leading digital marketing expert or digital marketing agency must hold its clients and have a track record of successful marketing. If any digital marketing company fails to retain its clients, there is possibly a reason that their digital marketing services including SEO service and SEM services are not as effective as they should be. We suggest you to ask them about their clients and obtain their feedback before you opt for their services.

If they claim to do everything.

There are many small digital marketing agencies which claim that they can do everything for you. It is not possible, especially for a small agency to do everything.  Sometimes, a digital marketing company is good in SEO marketing but fails to provide great SEM marketing. In order to avoid any risk or loss, keep a digital marketing expert on backup, so that he can handle the situation in case of any mishap.

Slow response time

Punctuality is the key for every business. Timely response is one of the top  Traits of a Successful Marketing Agency. When things are not done in time, they may cause problems in future. If an agency fails to respond your emails and calls in a timely manner, then it is obvious that they will never be

Verified Email: Critical For Successful Email Marketing

Email Address Verification is a process of verifying email addresses to select useless emails. It is crucial in ensuring actual people who want to hear from you and receive your content.

Many people fill out a form which demands their email address, but if the user enters an invalid email address due to a typing error or such, the company will receive an invalid email address without their knowledge. As mentioned at jupiterresearch: More than 20% of email registrations can be invalid due to typos or other errors.

This is where Email Verification plays a part. It protects your business from aforementioned invalid or dead accounts, as well as from hard and soft bounce – things that affect your server’s reliability.

Email Validation is critical for successful email marketing in these ways:

Reduce Bounce Rate

The most important thing that email marketers worry is to make sure their emails do not bounce. This high bounce rate (as mentioned above) can land you in the blacklist and your emails will get blocked making your email marketing strategies pointless.

Improved Communication

Email Verification allows you to communicate with real accounts rather than spam and dead accounts. With an up-to date email address list you can communicate effectively; you can brand out your products, create awareness of your services, and perform other similar functions.

With a small list interested in your brand and business you can concentrate on marketing your services to those interested instead of sending thousands of emails that might bounce.

Decreased Cost Of Sending Emails

With a smaller list not only will you save your time and efforts but also your money and investment. A large list has a higher chance of dead and spam accounts making your money go to waste.

According to siriusdecisions, it was found that 10-25% of data contained an error. With Email Verification services you can reduce this error and improve ROI on your email campaign.

Email Verification is the perfect way to have a successful marketing campaign: It protects your reputation, keeps you from being banned, helps reduce the bounce rate, and makes your business stay relevant instead of making your messages fall on deaf ears.

Marketing subscriptions can fall through cracks and you may not be notified when an email address abruptly changes; protect yourself in such circumstances. You should make use of effective email verification services.

For any Email Marketing strategy, the Email Validation is tremendously important. Email marketing requires capital, and no marketer will want to waste money on accounts that act as spam traps. A good email verification service can help clear any unknown or poor quality email addresses that may devastate your project.

Reasons Why Companies Are Slow To Adopt New Technologies

The past decade saw many new emerging technologies with the potential to change the face of the digital arena for us. The notable ones such as block chain, artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition, etc, have not been adopted by many companies. This report on emarketer proves our fears: in a survey consisting of 679 senior level respondents, only 9% had implemented block chain and voice activated tech, and only 7% had implemented facial recognition and AI. Considering how paradigm shifting these emerging inventions could be, these figures are reason enough to elicit surprise.

On further investigation, the following reason seemed to top the list for why companies are adopting new technologies so slowly.


As in any other business investment, one of the main hurdles faced is that of finances. 36% of the businesses surveyed by TomTom Telematics, claim costs are the biggest barrier. Small to medium sized enterprises are wary of investing in these new technologies – if the investment turns out to be a fail, the setbacks will be tough to bear.

Not ready

In a marketing poll consisting of 500 participants, conducted by Conductor, 57% of the respondents felt themselves to not ready to embrace AI. For many, the change is too much. However, for some this change could potentially have implications on how they execute their business. For example, the block chain’s open to all ledger could make some practices more transparent.

Reluctance to change

This reluctance to change stems from the mindset of people, too. Business owners believe they have been doing fine all this time – what is the need for change? Contrary to this belief of remaining static, chief executive officer of ARK Investment Management, Catherine Wood says on CNBC, “companies’ ability to change their mindset may define their ability to survive in the long term”.

Are business owners and companies making a fatal error?

Lack of skill to implement technology

In the Trends vs. Technologies 2016 report, 78% agree with the importance of keeping up new technology. So it is safe to say while there is a population that believes implementing new technologies in their business practices is not worthwhile enough, there are others who recognize the importance of embracing new technologies. If there are such a vast number of people in agreement then why is there a gap in implementation? As it turns out, one of the most common obstacles is a lack of skill in applying these new technologies to where they will bear fruit.

Risk & rewards

Despite being promising, many technologies fail to ever take flight. This fear of unprofitable and negative outcomes has barred companies and small to medium sized enterprises from taking the risk, alike. While on one hand a cautious approach is good, one must realize leaps are necessary to move forward. It is important to strike balance, and according to Lee Penson, founder of Penson, “the trick is not to be left too far behind”.