To make your company’s marketing strategy work, a number of exercises and tools work in conjunction & play a collective part to ensure success. Whatever the niche, every company will have its distinct marketing strategy. While new tactics are practiced every day, what stays constant is the focus on SEO marketing. With SEO, you tend to increase your website’s ranking and improve the overall working of your business. One strategy that possesses the power of taking your marketing game to the next level is the usage of SEO coupled with email marketing. This is done in order to further drive results, enhancing both the lead generation as well as sales.

Organic SEO marketing marks as an excellent way to ensure your business’s long-term success. It helps people find your website through the search engine without putting money behind the visibility. But to ensure the effectiveness of the SEO marketing strategy, you must ensure that your SEO marketing and email marketing campaigns work in harmony and are well-aligned.

Ways to combine email marketing and SEO

There exist several ways how you can combine SEO and email marketing to do wonders with your digital marketing campaign. 3 common ways include:

  • Restructure newsletter content

Marketers generally use newsletters to promote their latest blog or offer a discount, promote their product/service or an occasion. While companies usually promise to send exclusively tailored content to the subscriber, it is hardly ever the case. Marketers generally use it to only send an email when the company publishes a new post. Use this newsletter content to send personalized content to the customer to make them feel special. This is where SEO comes in handy. Since Google loves relevant content, when you restructure your newsletter for people who aren’t on your email list, the content may rank higher on the search engine if it is SEO-optimized.

  • Create enthralling content

The customers of love look for variety and there’s no better way of offering that than by creating catchy, epic and mind-boggling content. When you create SEO friendly content, it will keep visitors reading your email longer and might even pay a visit to your website if the offer you have posed is attractive enough.

  • Tailored content to the email list

Majority of the people prefer personalized content rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. There exist multiple ways to include personalization to your content, emails and even newsletters. When you send tailored content to your email list, they are more likely to share it and take some action afterward. This tends to increase the visibility of your content.


The benefits of both, email marketing and organic SEO marketing in business, cannot be denied. These are exceptional tools that endless businesses deploy to enhance their marketing campaigns. When a combination of both is used, the results speak for itself. Doing this will get you twice the amount of coverage and visibility and increase your chances of higher ranking on the search engines without spending any extra money.